Blake Horwitz is one of Chicago’s leading civil rights trial lawyers. He has prosecuted over 400 federal claims and brought over 30 cases to trial. One of his most notable victories resulted in a $28,000,000 verdict against the City of Chicago, the largest police misconduct verdict of its kind in the Midwest. With over 25 years of trial experience in both Federal and state courts, Mr. Horwitz has a wealth of experience in complex litigation and the will to fight and win on behalf of his clients.

Mr Horwitz is especially proud of his successes in battling municipal corruption and wrongdoing. Through his litigation of Seipler v. McHenry County, Mr. Horwitz effectively put an end to racial profiling in the issuing of traffic tickets by the Mchenry County Sheriff’s Department. In Anderson  v. Village of Stone Park, he forced the Village of Stone Park to cease an illegal sting operation that had resulted in the arrest of nearly 900 innocent men wrongfully accused of soliciting a prostitute. By filing twelve police misconduct lawsuits in a single day against the City of Blue Island, Mr. Horwitz helped bring about a pronounced reduction in police abuse by the Village of Blue Island, against its citizens.

However, the work at the Blake Horwitz law firm does not stop at civil rights.  Based on client demand, Mr. Horwitz and his team of lawyers represent individuals in many different areas: criminal, family matters, worker’s compensation, injury cases and many others.  Mr. Horwitz’ goal is to provide the best, personalized legal service available, utilizing the the specialized skills of his team of attorneys