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At The Blake Horwitz Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping people secure compensation if their civil rights have been violated. We litigate claims involving all forms of misconduct and fraud in Illinois and around the country, including wrongful convictions, police brutality, unlawful searches and seizures and unlawful arrests. We have secured the largest civil rights verdict in the City of Chicago, State of Illinois and the midwestern United States: a $28 Million Dollar verdict against the City of Chicago.

The Civil Rights Act of 1871 is found in Title 42, section 1983 of the United States Code and so is commonly referred to as section 1983. This statute allows liability to attach to anyone who, under color of state or local law, causes a person to be deprived of rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. These laws provide civil remedies that you can use if you feel that your Civil Rights are violated.

Section 1983 provides citizens with solutions to problems caused by infringement on the right of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom from Unreasonable Search and Seizure, Freedom of the Press, Equal Protection of the Laws and Protection against Race Discrimination.

If you feel that you have been the victim of unfair treatment, or had any of your civil rights violated, contact our firm. We can give you the advice you need. If necessary, we are prepared fight for your rights in court. We do not merely look for quick settlements or easy-to-win cases. We also advocate for plenty of “small” but worthy cases. We believe that just because a person does not suffer permanent harm or major injury as a result of the brutality, it does not mean their suffering should go unnoticed or that they shouldn’t receive compensation.