Jury Awards Paralyzed Man $28 Million; Most Ever in Chicago Cop Case – MetroChicago

Police officers are not above the law. Any actions outside the rules and procedures of the law is police misconduct. Our firm will work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure that law enforcement is held accountable for acts of police misconduct, which can include coercion, intimidation, falsified evidence, false arrest, corruption, malicious prosecution, excessive force, invasion of privacy and physical or sexual abuse.

The attorneys at The Blake Horwitz Law Firm have litigated over a hundred police misconduct cases. In fact, the firm obtained the highest jury award for police misconduct in the State of Illinois, $28 million dollars. The Blake Horwitz Law Firm does not take an anti-police stance. We have represented police officers who themselves have had their civil rights violated. However, we do take a strong stance against abuse of power. We praise the thousands of Chicago police officers who do their jobs within the rules set out by our Constitution.

Unfortunately, there are many officers who feel that they are above the citizens whose rights they were hired to protect. They may feel that they are above the law and this leads to abuse and misconduct. You can file complaints against these officers. Sometimes this pattern of misconduct is condoned by what is known as a “code of silence,” meaning that officers will not speak out against one of their own, no matter how egregious an officer’s actions are. Too often the officers maintain the silence in order to “protect their own.”

Blake Horwitz has proven time and time again that he can break through that wall of silence by exposing the truth. Blake Horwitz has assembled a team of attorneys who can make the truth clear through their own investigation, witness accounts, police reports, depositions, experts and Internal Affairs investigations.

If you have been a victim of police misconduct, call our firm so we can start uncovering the truth and fighting for your rights today.