Civil Rights Lawsuit to Remove Police Barriers at Apartment Complex

In 2008, attorney Blake Horwitz represented the owners of an apartment building in Rolling Meadows that had essentially been turned into a gated community by police barricades without their consent.

As originally reported by the Chicago Tribune, one day, Rolling Meadows police showed up at the 12 Oaks apartment complex and blocked off all but one entryway with concrete barriers. Officers were then stationed at the only entry into the complex to screen everyone who entered or exited. Yet police never consulted the residents or the owners of their plan, which was intended to reduce crime.

According to the ABA Journal, Rolling Meadows Police Chief Steve Williams claimed that he wanted to “create a gated community” for residents at 12 Oaks. However, through doing so, he was also violating their constitutional right to be free from arbitrary police interference.  As described in the Daily Herald, The Blake Horwitz Law Firm filed suit on behalf of the owners of 12 Oaks against Rolling Meadows, its city manager, its police chief, and several police officers to get all barriers removed.

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