The Blake Horwitz Law Firm Files Coronavirus Whistle Blower Case Against Northwestern Memorial Hospital

On March 18th, Lauri Mazurkiewicz, a nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, sent an email to fellow employees warning that the hospital’s masks were unsafe for treating patients with COVID-19. Despite servicing COVID-19 patients for several days, the hospital adopted a policy explicitly preventing some of its employees from wearing N95 respirators—which have been found to more effectively protect individuals from the coronavirus.

In her email, Ms. Mazurkiewicz recommended that coworkers use N95 respirators instead of the ineffective masks provided by the hospital. The hospital fired Ms. Mazurkiewicz the next day when she showed up to work wearing a respirator she brought from home. As Ms. Mazurkiewicz told The Chicago Tribune, she “just wanted to be a good nurse.”

The Blake Horwitz Law Firm has filed a lawsuit on Ms. Mazurkiewicz’s behalf alleging that Northwestern Memorial Hospital fired her in retaliation for speaking out about its practices that put both healthcare professionals and patients at risk. According to The Chicago Sun Times, Northwestern Memorial Hospital is currently “reviewing the complaint.”

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