Class Action Lawsuit Against City for Cell Phone Ban

In 2007, attorney Blake Horwitz filed a class action lawsuit in federal court against the City of Chicago, elected officials, and several police officers over the City improperly implementing a law that prohibited people from talking on their cell phones while driving.

As originally reported on by the Chicago Tribune, the lawsuit challenged the City’s enforcement of its cell phone ban ordinance before first posting signage forewarning of this new law. Even though the ordinance specifically required that the City post signs to inform drivers not to use their cell phones while driving, the City never did. Regardless, Chicago police officers still issued tens of thousands of tickets over several years to drivers who violated the ordinance. According to the Cell Phone Digest, the lawsuit demanded that Chicago void all tickets issued under the ordinance and refund close to $2 million in fines based on the City’s failure to fulfill its obligation by not posting the necessary signs.

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