Lawsuit Filed After Ex-Inmate’s Beating Caught on Camera

In 2016, The Blake Horwitz Law Firm filed a federal civil rights lawsuit on behalf of Randall Brown, whose beating at the hands of a Cook County Jail guard in 2013 went viral after being captured on surveillance footage.

As reported by the Chicago Sun-Times, Mr. Brown was waiting to receive his medication while in a large cell with several other inmates when a correctional officer suddenly attacked him. As shown on video, Mr. Brown never did anything to provoke the attack, and at no point did he ever resist.

As the Chicago Tribune describes, even with Mr. Brown curled up in the fetal position, the correctional officer continued to punch him and kick him in the head. The officer eventually cuffed Mr. Brown and dragged him out of the cell. To make matters worse, other correctional officers then threatened Mr. Brown with a lengthy prison sentence if he tried to report the attack.

According to WGN News, Mr. Brown suffered from frequent migraines, arm pain, and nerve damage in his fingers from the attack. There’s even a permanent dent in his head from the brutal beating. The lawsuit alleged that the correctional officer violated Mr. Brown’s constitutional rights by using excessive force without justification. 

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