UFC Star Falsely Arrested by CPD

In 2007, attorney Blake Horwitz represented then-rising UFC star Terry Martin in a lawsuit filed against the City of Chicago and two police officers who falsely arrested Mr. Martin as he was on his way to a police station to report those same officers’ misconduct the day before.

As originally reported by the Chicago Sun Times, Mr. Martin and his girlfriend were initially stopped by Chicago police officers in 2005 for a minor traffic violation. During the traffic stop, officers called Mr. Martin racial slurs and made other disrespectful comments to his girlfriend, who was a 911 operator.

The next day, Mr. Martin went to report the incident at the police station when he coincidentally ran into the same officers who had harassed him. Reports differed as to what happened next: while the officers claimed that Mr. Martin fled and attempted to elude arrest in his vehicle, another police officer on-scene claimed that Mr. Martin was cooperative and arrested upon arriving at the station.

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