Firearm Rights

The State of Illinois has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. To legally possess firearms or ammunition in the state, individuals must have a Firearm Owner Identification (“FOID”) card issued to them by the Illinois State Police (“ISP”). The ISP imposes even more restrictions on individuals who wish to carry a firearm on their person by requiring that they also obtain a Concealed Carry License (“CCL”). However, for some, applying for a FOID card/CCL and maintaining FOID/CCL eligibility can be challenging under the current laws. Illinois’ heightened gun restrictions do not mean that your Second Amendment rights disappear.

The Blake Horwitz Law Firm represents individuals who have either been denied their FOID card/CCL or lost their FOID/CCL privileges. Several factors can prevent an individual from obtaining a FOID card/CCL or maintaining FOID/CCL eligibility, such as criminal activity, drug use, citizenship-status, and mental health. The ISP uses these justifications to determine an individual’s eligibility to own and carry a firearm.  Sometimes, they get it wrong.

Our attorneys understand that an individual’s inability to possess and carry a firearm can impact essential aspects of livelihood: you may be unable to work a job that requires a firearm, go hunting, or protect yourself and loved ones. Hiring an experienced attorney to assist you with either applying for or appealing a denial or revocation of a FOID card/CCL can ensure that your Second Amendment rights are protected.