Whistle Blower

The attorneys at The Blake Horwitz Law Firm have what it takes to take on complicated cases of public corruption and win. Our legal team includes an experienced support staff and attorneys who have prosecuted white collar crimes such as political corruption. The Blake Horwitz Law Firm has handled a number of cases that involved breaking though a wall of corruption to expose flagrant violations of civil rights  by public officials.

A whistle blower is one who decides to put an end to the status quo and try to stop illegal activity.  We represent whistle blowers.  The public exposure through the judicial process serves to protect the public good and deter illegal activity.  The litigation of Seipler v. Nygren wherein our office represented a police officer who chose to speak out against racial profiling, Davis v. City of Chicago, wherein another officer reported misconduct of fellow Chicago officers,  and Smith v. City of Chicago wherein the City of Chicago retaliated against a police officer after that police officer successfully sued the City of Chicago all serve as examples of our commitment to those who speak truth to power.