Medical care suit against CPD still on

by: Patricia Manson                 Chicago Daily Law Bulletin January 16, 2019   A man who alleges Chicago police denied his repeated requests for medical care after he was arrested in a “road rage” incident got the go-ahead to pursue a Fourth Amendment claim. In a written ...

Horwitz successful on appeal in civil rights case

By Jordyn Reiland        Chicago Daily Law Bulletin A woman who claimed Zion police officers used excessive force during a 2014 arrest was denied a fair trial when she was not allowed to show evidence of a past police encounter, a federal appeals panel ruled. The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of ...

Tribune: Horwitz represented man tasered 11 times

Lawsuit alleges cops used Tasers on wrong man by: Dan Hinkel                                            Chicago Tribune After misidentifying him as a wanted man, Chicago Police shocked a motorist 11 times in four minutes, the man alleges in […]

Nurse wins false arrest case – $78K

Lisa Hofstra Settles with City for $78K: Nurse Handcuffed by Cop for not Drawing Blood on Command May 3, 2010                                        The Huffington Post   A nurse who was handcuffed by a Chicago Police Officer when she […]

Chicago Police act like terrorists – Homan Square fiasco

March 20, 2015 by: Spencer Ackerman and Jenn Stanley              The Guardian Chicago police officers followed and yelled “that they were watching” two men whom they “essentially kidnapped” at Homan Square, according to the first federal civil-rights lawsuit to stem ...